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A Penis Birthday Cake!

January 22, 2011

Mission: To create a cake for my best friend Lorraine’s birthday party.

Our friend Roni and I decided the theme for the party would be a sort of scaled down bachelorette party. We started the party off with a girl’s only sex toy party and continued to party on with the boys, penis straws and sexy man balloons. My job was, of course, the cake! I had never made a layered cake before so this was a must-try for me. I have to keep challenging myself and this was the perfect way to do that. I found these really cool “cake tattoos” at Michaels and they were animal print so I decided to buy them because animal print and bachelorette parties just go together, if you ask me. I have also never used fondant before so I decide to buy a small multi-pack of bright-coloured fondant (purple, red/orange, yellow and pink).

I made the bottom layer of the cake chocolate and the top layer French vanilla (mMmmMmmm) and then dyed buttercream icing yellow and purple and iced the layers accordingly. I added some animal print tattoos and some fondant borders and with the help of my boyfriend, created a bright pink penis for the top of the cake! Added a couple of condoms and penis straws and it was all done. It took absolutely wayyyyy too long but I think I’m getting more efficient – a lot of time was spent waiting for the cakes to cook/cool. The cake was a pretty big hit at the party so I consider it a success!

The process:

The final cake:

Mission: Completed!

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